Google Maps in Radiant Using

This is how i got Google Maps working in Radiant CMS via the google_maps extension. This one is pretty easy, but you should know that you HAVE to be using MySQL or PostgreSQL because google_maps uses the spatial adapter plugin which needs one of those 2. First install the GeoRuby gem.  Careful this is case […]

How to Install the ‘first-reorder’ Extension for Radiant CMS

Easy as pie. First, make sure ray is installed… if it’s not, just run ./script/extension install ray Second, install the extension! rake ray:extension:install name=first-reorder This reorder extension is pretty nice.  It provides an ajaxish layout for drag/drop reordering.

How to Install the News Extension for Radiant CMS

The News extension for Radiant gives you the ability to post “News” items.  The new items are cool for mini updates on things, OR for really posting News 🙂 I am going to go through installing the News extension on Radiant 0.7.1.

How to Create a ‘Contact Us’ Page in Radiant 0.7.1

This post is more of a personal note to myself. 99% is copy/paste from either the Radiant wiki, or the Mailer extension’s github page. I’m notating this because both the Radiant wiki and Mailer’s github page have instructions that confused the hell out of me so I’m consolidating it here after getting it working. This […]

How to Install the WYMeditor Extension for Radiant CMS in 3 Steps

WYMeditor is a really cool wysiwyg-ish editor — well technically it’s a WYSIWYM  (What You See Is What You Mean). It just so happens that a gentleman named Benny Degezelle has created an extension for Radiant CMS. At the time of this writing I’ve installed this bad boy on Radiant CMS 0.7.1. FIRST Assuming that […]