YDD Guidelines – YOLO Driven Development

For anyone who’s just starting to get into YDD (YOLO Driven Development), here are some good guidelines put together by GitHub user Todor Grudev (tagrudev):   View the code on Gist. ps. this is a joke, don’t do any of this stuff… or do it! YOLO!

RSpec/Rails Cheatsheet

Lately I’ve been writing a TON of tests using RSpec and Capybara.  The syntax keeps slipping my mind so here’s a cheat sheet I keep coming back to…   View the code on Gist.

Hartl’s Description of a Database Index

Today at AppAcademy we have gone through almost all of Michael Hartl’s rails tutorial.  I just wanted to quote Hartl explanation of what a database index is and how it works.  I love the analogy because it’s probably the most simplistic examples I’ve probably ever seen: Putting an index on the email column fixes the problem. To […]

||= WAT?

First off, I stole this pic from Greg Pike’s post about Javascript.  Now that the confession is out of the way… Today at App Academy my pair and I were asked to explain the meaning of Ruby’s “double pipe equals” operator  to our cohorts.  I figured that might be a good topic to post here. The […]