How to Install the News Extension for Radiant CMS

The News extension for Radiant gives you the ability to post “News” items.  The new items are cool for mini updates on things, OR for really posting News 🙂

I am going to go through installing the News extension on Radiant 0.7.1.

Based on the install info for News it says you need to install calendar_date_select and points you at their page.  Their google code page says you can simply do:

sudo gem install calendar_date_select

Yeah, so,  for some reason that doesn’t work. Skip that step and do the rest, we will address it later.

1)  Clone from github!

git clone git:// vendor/extensions/news

2) Run the Migration and Update tasks

rake production radiant:extensions:news:migrate
rake radiant:extensions:news:update

Know that you can swap out “production” or add in whatever environment you want.

3) Finally we install the calendar_date_select PLUGIN not the gem! I could not get this thing working with the gem.

git clone git:// vendor/plugins/calendar_date_select && rm -rf vendor/plugins/calendar_date_select/.git

4) Weeeeee 🙂