Moving from GitLab to GitHub

At work we have been using GitLab for a while and it’s been pretty good but we have recently opted to move to GitHub Enterprise.  As a result there are a number of small repos we have hosted on GitLab that now need to be moved over to GitHub. Additionally, this should generically work for any […]

Git: Rename Author / Committer Across All Commits

Sometimes you accidentally commit code under the wrong author or committer credentials.  This has happened to me a few times while writing code from computers with global git settings.  By using `git filter-branch` it is possible to rewrite history… muhahahah! This snippet will run through your branch’s historical commits and rename the author and committer attributes. It basically looks […]

Git: Amend

Have you ever had this happen to you? You finish writing some awesome code.  You’re a bad ass and you know it. You hit the command line, because you stopped creating GUI interfaces using visual basic a long time ago. Issue a little “git add” here and there, add some broth, a potato.  Baby, you’ve […]

Merge and Rebase

Some notes on thee specifics of merging vs rebasing with Git. What is a Merge? When you merge one branch into another branch the branch being merged into receives a single commit that basically brings it up to the current state of the source branch. This commit is created automatically by git and essentially represents […]