Pairing and Balance


Under construction still…

Today was Awesome.  In my past experiences I’ve found that pairs balance out as they work but with Kriti I think we balanced out as a whole.  To explain that a bit further… Kriti is incredibly strong with recursion problems … like straight up a bad ass (and I have a line of code to show for it) and I’m stronger with some of the more common Ruby idioms — test first and similar stuff in that vein.  Instad of balancing out on a per problem basis it felt like we kind of showed our strengths against problems we were better at and the result was a good balance across entire duration of working together.



We worked on a lot of recursive problems and while working on one in particular ended up making a pretty ridiculous mistake… We used #each instead of #map. After probably an hour of trying to figure out why our ___________ method wouldn’t work we realized that we had been using #each (probably out of habit since it’s so common) and our results were coming out totally unchanged.

We actually ended up writing the same method like 3 different ways trying to resolve the issue and FINALLY zeroed in the fact that nothing was changing -> #each iterates and doesn’t make changes -> #map iterates and DOES make changes -> OMFGWTF

In other news, here’s an awesome, awesome, method that Kriti came up with.