What is a Day @ AppAcademy Like?

Ned Ruggeri - AppAcademy teacher

Today marks the first day of my sprint through San Francisco based AppAcademy. It’s a pretty interesting setup.  Basically, you’re paired with a random person everyday and work through a large suite of problems assigned for that particular day.

To say the least, you and your pair bust ass HARD until the end of the day.  The day ends with more work — you are now assigned another pair and must review their code.  After reviewing the other pair’s code and sending them some comments the final part of the day (now night) is doing the readings for the next day’s schedule.

It’s very intense but the amount of code we are producing is really fantastic.

The teachers and TAs are VERY approachable.  Ned Ruggeri (mug shot on the right) presents complex concepts in great detail and definitely seems to genuinely care if people are “getting” things or not.

It’s a great environment.

  • Three and a half years later, a/A is still going strong. The structure has changed though. Now we do lecture in the morning and then pair program until the sun goes down.