How to Install the WYMeditor Extension for Radiant CMS in 3 Steps

WYMeditor is a really cool wysiwyg-ish editor — well technically it’s a WYSIWYM¬† (What You See Is What You Mean). It just so happens that a gentleman named Benny Degezelle has created an extension for Radiant CMS. At the time of this writing I’ve installed this bad boy on Radiant CMS 0.7.1. FIRST Assuming that […]


If you are using RailsCollab on Ubuntu and emails are not working, check the config and make sure the path to sendmail is /usr/sbin/sendmail .  This tripped me up because the default path to sendmail is /usr/bin/sendmail and i hardly noticed it was wrong! Postfix in Ubuntu = /usr/sbin/sendmail

Batch Importing and Watermarking with Attachment_fu

In this exercise I had Posts with many image attachments attached with attachment_fu and rmagick. I also had a bunch of old data that i wanted to import in using a rake task and finally all image attachments needed to be watermarked. First my assumptions: “A Post can have many Image attachments” You have the […]