How to Install the WYMeditor Extension for Radiant CMS in 3 Steps

WYMeditor is a really cool wysiwyg-ish editor — well technically it’s a WYSIWYM¬† (What You See Is What You Mean). It just so happens that a gentleman named Benny Degezelle has created an extension for Radiant CMS. At the time of this writing I’ve installed this bad boy on Radiant CMS 0.7.1. FIRST Assuming that… Read more »


If you are using RailsCollab on Ubuntu and emails are not working, check the config and make sure the path to sendmail is /usr/sbin/sendmail .  This tripped me up because the default path to sendmail is /usr/bin/sendmail and i hardly noticed it was wrong! Postfix in Ubuntu = /usr/sbin/sendmail

Batch Importing and Watermarking with Attachment_fu

In this exercise I had Posts with many image attachments attached with attachment_fu and rmagick. I also had a bunch of old data that i wanted to import in using a rake task and finally all image attachments needed to be watermarked. First my assumptions: “A Post can have many Image attachments” You have the… Read more »